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New Service

New service from Equin4all


Difficulties or no time to sell your horse? We are matching and mediating already over 20 years and we are specialized in it . since the first of April we started a new service , just for you. To make sure that your horse will find a good matching loving new home.

Will you be  interested in it, than just contact us and we can see if we can help you.


What will we do for you?

We have a large network and we will list your horse on our sites, partner sites including facebook.

We will handle all the questions for you, about the horse, from interested buyers .

We can help you with finalizing a contract between you and the buyer.

We can be a help for your and the buyer to arrange transport.


If you want to ask unrealistic prices , than we can’t help you

If the horse is not healthy or sound , than we can’t help you

If the horse has hidden problems , than we can’t help you

Interested? Just drop us a line and we can see if we can help you and your horse.