IN THE SPOTLIGHT : an  Impressive Friesian  gelding is searching for his new home.

Every month we will have a special horse in the spotlight.

A horse which deserves the extra attention.

We will give you a 5 % discount on the price of the SPOTLIGHT horse as long as he is listed as SPOTLIGHT horse


This week it is the 5 year old gelding : Tsjalle x Harmen. He is at the moment 165 cm tall. very long manes and a handsome head with small pointing ears.

He is trained for riding and driving in an excellent way . He has been used for dressage and showing.. He has an excellent coolminded  character in all the ways. He has 3 excellent transitions . He is sport-type  gelding with impressive  looks and a more than perfect character. He will be your new  friend for life!


A gelding with the WOW factor 

3 very well good transitions ,perfect for showing and dressage ,  works good through the whole body, has a  good balance . Video's can be send by whatsapp