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Home » Geldings » Friesian gelding by Rommert: 4505 NEW***

Friesian gelding by Rommert x Maurits : 4505 NEW***

Friesian Gelding  , very handsome , great character and absolutely great movement! 

Born in :  2018

Breedingline : Rommert x Maurits 

Height :Currently he is 167 cm and will grown some more in the height and in the width

He is a very handsome , middleheavy built gelding  with a super handsome head. he has a very strong action in the hindlegs and is therefore perfect in his movement ( the engine is at the right place ) 

Character: Friendly and intelligent character,perfect movement, social towards other horses.

He will be excellent for : Dressage , Driving, showing , recreational riding . He is light trained for riding and driving and is ready to start further, as far as we can see it , than he will become a more than excellent horse for showing and dressage as his transitions are magnificent . At the moment he has been ridden by a young girl.

** When you are interested in this  gelding , than please send us an e-mail with the button below, including his referencenumber 4505