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Friesian KFPS Studbookmare by Hessel x Fetse : 4628 NEW***

Friesian KFPS  Studbookmare                      Extremely well trained for riding!!                                                                                    

Born in :  2016

Breedingline : Hessel  x Fetse 

Full Motherline ! 

Height : 166 cm /16.2  hands 

Unbelievable sweet Friesian mare in all the ways . She is ridable for everyone , who knows the basic's of riding , you don't need to be the best rider of the world to ride this mare and also not world's best dressagerider ! This is a mare which will give you the pleasure of riding and being around horses  back !! She has a very good  conformation  of the body and legs and is recently clinical vetted ( but ofcourse open to all the vettings which you would prefer)  She has great groundmanners  . Further is she a very social horse towards other horses . She has a wonderful movement which is easy to sit in .

She has been trained for dressage till the level L2  and is used for Hacking out , further she is traffic-safe .


* When you are   interested in this super sweet  Studbook friesian   , than please send us an e-mail with the button below, including her referencenumber 4628