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Friesian filly by Jehannes 484 x Haike 482: 4564 NEW***

Friesian   filly with a full Motherline !!  Real showinggirl!

Born in :  2021

Breedingline : jehannes484 ( son of Tsjalle ) x Haike 482,  full mother-line : ster AA/ster/ster/ ster-pref7 and she has a low inbreedings%.

Height :  will make approx. 164/167 cm 

Beautiful filly in all the ways , she has a very sweet-looking head with small pointing ears , she will get a huge lot of manes , she has a good middleheavy conformation of the body with a lot of front  . Great and social character

Excellent comformation of the legs which gives her a great movement  , further is  she very souple  and will make an excellent horse for showing ,breeding,  dressage , recreational riding and driving 


* When you are interested in this  filly , than please send us an e-mail with the button below, including her referencenumber 4564