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Barock Pinto Filly: 4570 NEW***

BP Filly. Will make a PERFECT dressagehorse

Born in :  2021

Breedingline :Barock Pinto mare X Barock Pinto stallion X KWPN  x  Friesian  

Height : Will make 170cm /17 + hands

NRPS studbookpaper , pasport and microchip.

She has a good conformation  of the body and a very good quality and stand from the legs . She has a great character, she is social towards other horses and she has been handled every day .

Her movement is very souple and good, easy bending and a perfect use of the hindquarters , excellent for dressage and she will make an excellent horse for showing , dressage , recreational riding and driving and breeding .


* When you are interested in this  Filly  , than please send us an e-mail with the button below, including her referencenumber 4570