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Haflinger gelding : 4627 NEW*** excellent familyhorse!

Haflinger Gelding. Will make a PERFECT Familyhorse                                       Price : € 3450

Born in :  2019

Breedingline : unknown  

Height : at this moment 147 cm /14.2 hands , still growing

Pasport and microchip.

He is definitely an Angel of a horse, sweet character , willing to please , goes easy together with other horses  and learns very quickly . On the video he is only trained 2 weeks for riding and he picks this up very quickly and defenitely without bucking or rearing up  . This will become one of the geldings which will become your 100% friend of life , who is happy to see you , happy to work with you and thankfull for his wonderfull new Home. In short words : a excellent FAMILYHORSE in all the ways .


* When you are interested in this  gelding  , than please send us an e-mail with the button below, including his referencenumber 4627