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Friesian gelding by Jouwe  x Wolfert : 4624 NEW***

Friesian  Gelding                                                                                                          

Born in :  2019

Breedingline : Jouwe X Wolfert, Full motherline

Height : 167 cm /16.2+  hands 

Tall and handsome Friesian KFPS Gelding by Jouwe , he has a very good comformation of the body and the legs  and a nice lenght of mane , Friendly and attractive head with small pointing ears . He has a good movement and he knows the basic's of riding and is ready to go further with you.

He is social towards other horses and is very easy to handle on the ground , willing to work and intelligent. 

Don't miss this sweet and beautyful Friesian friend for life.


* When you are  interested in this gelding  , than please send us an e-mail with the button below, including his referencenumber 4624