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United Kingdom

- my lovely Feico  has been a dream come true for me. Not me on board, I’m very nearly 81 sadly but still have 5 horses at my home. Just wish I had been into Friesians earlier in my life. He is the most wonderful horse I have ever owned. Winning a championship here in the pic after not much training at Medium . Just love him to bits - so a big thank you for selling me a 3 year old that I could see had potential- he’s been drag hunting too! He’s a one in a million to me.

Hope your business is going well

United Kingdom



 I really like your new site. 

I hope you received my reply about using semke's pictures. I thought about you alot last night and today. 

I don't know if you have had other clients who have made dual purchases from you so far apart in years.

You found eeuwke for me in 1999 and semke in 2017. I hope your future clients appreciate your length and dedication to your business. If you had a section of testimonials, I would have so many positive things to say about you and the horses you found for me. I don't think anyone else would have found better matches halfway across the world. 

Thank you so very much for making my dream come true not once but twice.




I hope that you are well. Nibbit was out competing yesterday for the first time in 6 months. He won again . He was 7 last week and looks fabulous. I cannot believe that he was just rising 3 when he came to me. The judge commented again on what a stunning mover he is. He made everyone laugh with his attitude, strutting around and generally behaving as if he was king of the castle. As always, you can be assured that he is much loved. He is my horse of a lifetime and I thank you. Alison





United Kingdom