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Spain / Mallorca 

Que magnifica experiencia comprar un caballo en Equin4all!! Desde el primer momento la atención recibida ha sido más que excelente, me han dedicado una atención personalizada contestando siempre con la mayor velocidad a mis preguntas (contacto whatsapp constante). En todo momento han demostrado una gran profesionalidad y excelentes capacidades de gestión en lo que se refiere a una compra tan delicada como puede ser la de un caballo. El caballo ha llegado a Mallorca sin ninguna incidencia y mi satisfacción con el animal a su llegada ha superado las expectativas que ya eran altas por las muchísimas fotos y videos que me habían enviado.
Recomiendo encarecidamente esta empresa para las personas interesadas en los frisones ya que han demostrado un amplio conocimiento de la raza y  altísimas capacidades de gestión en el proceso de compra y envío del caballo.
En pocas palabras: es un verdadero placer saber que existen personas tan profesionales y tan honestas.
Una vez más gracias por todo lo que habéis hecho por mi.
Un cordial saludo desde Palma de Mallorca (España)




What a magnificent experience to buy a horse at Equin4all! From the first moment the attention received has been more than excellent, they have given me personalized attention, always answering my questions with the greatest speed (constant whatsapp contact). At all times they have shown great professionalism and excellent management skills when it comes to a purchase as delicate as a horse can be. The horse has arrived in Mallorca without any incident and my satisfaction with the animal upon arrival has exceeded the expectations that were already high due to the many photos and videos that had been sent to me.
I highly recommend this company for people interested in Friesians as they have demonstrated extensive knowledge of the breed and extremely high management skills in the horse buying and shipping process.
In short: it is a real pleasure to know that there are such professional and honest people.
Thank you once again for everything you have done for me.
Kind regards from Palma de Mallorca (Spain)





United Kingdom

- my lovely Feico  has been a dream come true for me. Not me on board, I’m very nearly 81 sadly but still have 5 horses at my home. Just wish I had been into Friesians earlier in my life. He is the most wonderful horse I have ever owned. Winning a championship here in the pic after not much training at Medium . Just love him to bits - so a big thank you for selling me a 3 year old that I could see had potential- he’s been drag hunting too! He’s a one in a million to me.

Hope your business is going well

United Kingdom




 I really like your new site. 

I hope you received my reply about using semke's pictures. I thought about you alot last night and today. 

I don't know if you have had other clients who have made dual purchases from you so far apart in years.

You found eeuwke for me in 1999 and semke in 2017. I hope your future clients appreciate your length and dedication to your business. If you had a section of testimonials, I would have so many positive things to say about you and the horses you found for me. I don't think anyone else would have found better matches halfway across the world. 

Thank you so very much for making my dream come true not once but twice.




I hope that you are well. Nibbit was out competing yesterday for the first time in 6 months. He won again . He was 7 last week and looks fabulous. I cannot believe that he was just rising 3 when he came to me. The judge commented again on what a stunning mover he is. He made everyone laugh with his attitude, strutting around and generally behaving as if he was king of the castle. As always, you can be assured that he is much loved. He is my horse of a lifetime and I thank you. Alison





United Kingdom


 Yvo has arrived (late last night) & very beautiful he is too! We stabled him overnight & turned him out with an easy going gelding companion this morning. Thank you very much for your judgement - you can pride yourselves with your honesty & integrity & efficiency. He will be loved to bits - it is my intention to show him next year at the French Friesian Horse Speciality Show & see how he goes! Thanks again.

United Kingdom
 Thank you for all the information you gave me and for being so helpful and friendly!! Arne arrived safely this morning and he is more than i expected! A lovely colt!!! I will look after him greatly!


 Well Biona has arrived - yesterday evening at about 6.30 p.m., and is a really lovely mare.  She is a bit dehydrated and is having difficulty eating both the fresh Alfalfa and hard feed but I will try to buy some nuts only today. Also the saddle and papers were given to me as requested and the transport managed to get to only a couple of hundred meters from my home. The other two horses have taken to her very well and I expect no problems in that area either. Thank you for your help and all good wishes.

United Kingdom
 Anke arrived safely this morning and is stunning. Just as she was being led out of the transport a plain can into land which put her on her toes and she grow what seemed like feet and my trailer looked a bit small alongside the transporter. She was reluctant to go in at first but with some food in she went and traveled happily to the yard. She has had some hard food but mostly soaked hay and haylage she has a hay net of each and about half a bucket of water. She is now laying down sleeping with a radio playing music. Thanks for everything.

 Het gaat hartstikke goed met ze zijn allebei zo lief en nieuwsgierig en ook met de andere paarden geen probleem en heb je de bloemen ontvangen?

United Kingdom
 Just to let you know that Reinck arrived safe and well 11pm Tuesday evening! He has remained very calm in his new surroundings and has settled in very well. He is loving the attention he is receiving from everyone and is very affectionate! He has had a good groom and new shoes today and was very well behaved throughout. he got very excited when he had a lunge rein lesson. He has taken absolutely no notice of the mares in the field despite them trying to get his attention- he is far too busy eating everything in sight!


United Kingdom
 I bought Jypke from you guys last April. Just wanted to let you know that we are doing really well together and I can't wait to start showing him this Summer! His schooling is coming on no end and I have had a dressage trainer who competes to Prix St. George level out to do some training with us. He's a real character, very, very cheeky all the time and always attracts a lot of attention from everyone who visits the yard. I also wanted to ask you whether I should trim his beard for showing to neaten the line of his jaw for showing or not. I quite like the beard, but have seen a lot of pictures on the internet of trimmed faces! What do you recommend?

United Kingdom
 Just wanted to say a big thank you to you all! Tinne arrived safe and sound and in just a few short weeks of getting to know each other we have already created a great partnership! We entered our first dressage competition last weekend and scored 60% on our first outing, see attached; Thank you for making it so easy to purchase her and getting her transported to the UK. The drivers used by the transport company were also really nice even at 3.30am! It was a pleasure doing business with you and given time I'll soon be back for more.

 I would like to ask you about the papers of Zarine. As I have informed lately the horse had arrived without any problems and everything is all right with her. The first riding we had already done in the nature. She was really nice. Thank you.

 I have been on ceuring with Anne van de Hoogstraat. She was the first horse I bought from you. She got a third premium. Of course I had hoped for a second, but she had no premium before and she did her best, som I am happy anyway. The judges said that her exterior was god enough and also her walk, but the trot was not so good. She came 2:d in her class (of 8) and nowone got ster. Her three year old son Remus, by Brandus, that she was pregnant with when I bougt her from you became ster and was first of 7 stallions and geldings. Two of them became ster. I am vey happy with that and the owner to. This was our largest ceuring so far wth almost 60 horses.

 Thank you for your mail. I am very pleased to hear the news and I am looking forward to receiving Auke we are expecting him in tomorrow morning. I would just like to say a very big thank you to you and your team for you help in making this possible. I will send some pics of Auke in his new home when he settles and in the meantime if I have any questions I will email them to you if thats ok. but for now once again thank you very much.

United Kingdom
 Both have arrived doing very well. He is beautiful, once again you have delivered an excellent animal to me again and i cant thank you enough. The 2 transporters are staying in our Village at a local pub, god help them with the English food ! Once again thank you for you excellent and helpful service.


United Kingdom
 I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know that Pronkje arrived yesterday. She settled in straight away and is doing very well – though she is rather hungry! =) She’s a pleasure to handle and I’m absolutely delighted with her. Thank you so much for all your help! I’ll send you pictures when I get around to taking some.

United Kingdom
Just to let you know that pelle arrived safe and sound, he is truly beautiful more than I expected him to be I am going to let him settle in for a week or two before riding him, and once I have ridden him, and all is well i will write to you, many many thanks for all your help and support you run a very profesional company and I shall be pleased to tell everyone about your site. once again thank you best and kindest regards.

United Kingdom
 Just to let you know pelle has settled into his new home, he is absolutley adorable, exactly as you described him, i couldn't be happier, everybody comments on him and loves him, thank you so much for making my dream come true, we will continue with his schooling and hope to show him in the summer, once again thank you have a nice christmas and all the best for the new year.

 Colin ist nun schon 2 Tage bei uns, und hat sich schon gut eingelebt. Er hat warscheinlich vom Transport ein wenig Schnupfen, aber der Tierarzt kommt morgen und schaut ihn sich an, ist aber sicher nichts dramatisches, denn er hat immer riesen Hunger. Er gefällt uns sehr gut, und jeden Tag wird er aufgeweckter. Bei Gelegenheit schicke ich gerne ein paar Fotos von seiener neuen Heimat. Liebe grüße aus Tirol.

United Kingdom
 Just to let you know Pytrix arrived yesterday at 5.15am and is settling in fine.  She is eating and drinking.  Tomorrow if the weather is better we will let her out in the field for a short while! Thank you for your assistance with the purchase of my mare. Kind regards to you all.

 Willy and Alex are now at the farm. Both seem to be happy and have survived their travels with no problem. They are out with Carola and are getting along just fine. If you have feeding suggestions, please send them along. They both look great! Until later.


 Hi, Sale is safely arrived! 

United Kingdom
 Quick message to let you know that both horses arrived safe and well yesterday and are settling in easily thus far. They both look super.

 Haw are you? We like very much your horses! The stallion is beautiful! He's growing up quickly! When Moudtsje fan'e Heide should give birth to the foal? What is the name of the foal"s father? Haw can I make the right documents to her foal? Liesbeth is so lovely! First time the horses was very surprised of our winter, snow and ice.  But the winter was mild. Thank you for your horses!!!We're sending some new photos of our horses to you!                    




 We purchased Rixt T from you in 2005. We are pleased to announce that Rixt T has 4 ster mare offspring and qualifies for Preferent!

We had our Keuring on Wednesday and her Ulbert filly we imported in utero received second premie. Rixt T has another foal here in Australia to Doaitsen, she also received second premie.

That is 6 fillies from 6 pregnacies. Rixt T is an excellent mare, could not of hoped for a better horse. She is the only Preferent mare in Auatralia. Rixt T is now back infoal to Doaitsen, will it be 7 fillies???


Lange nichts von einander gelesen. Deswegen dachte ich ,schreibe mal schnell ein paar Zeilen.Und schicke mal ein paar Fotos von UNO im Schnee. Liebe Grüße von den Schlösser´s.