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About us and how we can help you

Equin4all former Friesians4all 

 We are a family company and work 24/7 in order to find your right new horse. All horses are checked out upfront before they will become available. We are no horsedealers, because we work in a different way. We always try to make the right match, so  the horse that will leave through us will find his final destination. He/she can easily settle down and hopefully stay at his final home.

How we work : we check out all the horses and through personal contact with the potential new owner we hope to make the right match and believe it or not , but we have succeeded 90% of the time.

We will always try to make the best deal for you in every way: the best price , the best matching horse, the best way of transport.

After you have found your horse, we will help you with the vetting. We always advice to take a 5 stage clinical vetting ( pre-purchase vetting) , in this case, the buyer but also the seller know that the horse is healthy and sound. Do you want x-rays? This is possible, but always on cost of the buyer. When this stage is completed , we will go into the last stage .

The transport to his/her new home: This can be completed by road transport, but also by air. No matter where you live , there is always a way to get your horse at your place. Of course you are free to arrange this yourself, but if everything looks like one big puzzle , than we are here to help you to solve this and get the horse safe and quickly to his/her new home.

Once your horse has arrived, you will probably have some questions. Than please call us , email us or send us a whatsapp and we will try to answer your questions , help you on to the right way again or give you advice. During the whole process is Personal contact  very important . We will keep you up to date from everything what has been done and when it is completed.

Do you have special wishes ? Just let us know it and we will do everything to get it realised.


                                                      In those 25 years , we have handled and

                                                                                      shipped many horses to :

Shipment by road & air 
Australia - Austria - Belgium –Brazile- Canada - China - Colombia 

Costa Rica - Croatia - Czech Republic - Denmark -England 
Estonia - Finland - France - Germany - Greece
Guatemala - Hungary - Ireland - India - Italy - Korea - Latvia
Liechtenstein - Lithuania - Luxembourg - Mexico
Netherlands - North America - Northern Ireland - Poland
 Rumania - Russia - Scotland - South Korea - Sweden
Slovakia - Slovenia - Switzerland - USA - Turkey - Wales